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Michael Hill

Healthcare Consultant

Michael has been giving insightful assistance to help medical and surgical practices grow and develop for 23 years.

He understands the importance of listening to surgeons, physicians and their teams to help clarify their experiences, challenges and goals.

With a background including degrees in science and marketing, Michael knows that good advice and plans are based on an objective analysis of existing practice performance, systems and patient understanding.

Insights depend on experience and a unique 'outsider' perspective. Unfortunately, this view just isn't possible for those working in a practice every day.

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What is no-risk business development?

After 23 years working with medical and surgical practices, Michael realises that plans to increase performance sometimes fail to deliver on their promise. Not because the plan is wrong, but because the people who work in the practice are often too busy doing their day job to effectively work on implementing the practice's plan.

As a result, Michael is committed to ensure that plans are effectively brought to life by leading their careful implementation.

Michael is so confident in the value of his plans that the only time you'll pay anything for his business development services is when you see growth delivered in agreed success factors. 

That's no-risk business development.

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