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We have the time and skills to help you succeed in 2022

Never has it been so important to be competitive. Patients and referrers are more discerning. Costs and services are highly scrutinised. You need to keep improving to avoid falling behind.

Do you need the competitive advantage from a full strategic approach? See the 5 step process below and then give me a call. 

Do you need quick help with:

  • Patient education material

  • Practice website content

  • HCP presentations

  • Patient presentations

  • Patient or referrer surveys

  • Practice data analysis

Let's have a chat and get started! or 0420406026.

01. Understand

Where is your business now? Where do you want it to go? What are the challenges facing your business? How are you thinking of overcoming them?

Your answers to these questions are critically important to the formulation of a plan which is implementable and that will effectively help you meet your goals.


What are your competitors doing? What economic, technological, medical and environmental forces are having an impact on your business now? What about in the future?

Whilst you've likely already given some thought to these questions in the past, having a clear and current understanding is vital to an effective plan.


Finally; what's on the mind of the people working in your practice? Including their views is critically important to the successful implementation of any plan.  


02. Investigate

Once we have a clear understanding of what you and your staff are thinking about your practice's past, present and future - we need to investigate what's on the mind of your patients and referrers.


Your practice will already be doing many things to compete for and serve your patients. But what do your patients value most (so you can do more of it)? What are the things you're doing for your patients that they value least (so you can make savings by doing less of them)?

Similarly, how do your referrers value each aspect of what you do? Do know how well your patients and referrers say you're performing on the things they really care about?

You will already have some idea of the answers to these questions. But are you systematically and routinely measuring their attitudes and then acting effectively on that knowledge?  


03. Measure

Measurement is key. Firstly to clearly and accurately understand what is happening in your practice now. And secondly; to gauge the effectiveness of the plan's implementation.

What outcomes are your most successful patients achieving? How can you help more of your patients get similar success?

Who are your top tier referrers? How can you use that knowledge to help other referrers gain a better appreciation of the valuable service you're providing? Which patients are your best advocates? What do you know about them that will help other patients be advocates as well?


At what point do pre-op patients tend to drop out of your care and miss a procedure that will transform their lives?  What can be done about this? Why are some patients more likely to attend needed post-op care than others?

It is likely your practice will already have all of the required data on hand - but buried. Who in your practice has the time to routinely and systematically measure and report on your progress to improve practice performance?


04. Plan

Bringing it all together happens in the plan. What's to be done? By whom and when? 

What resources are needed? Who will need to be informed of progress? How and when?


What risks for plan implementation are foreseeable? How can they be mitigated? How can unforseen risks be managed when they occur?


What are the key indicators agreed upon that can be measured to signify when the plan is a success?


Seems like a lot of work. Don't worry. This is what Michael Hill will do for you. 

Wall of ideas

05. Implement

Take off! This is the fun part. Everyone's agreed on the plan and what needs to happen to bring it to life. 

Michael Hill will be measuring the implementation and how effectively it's working. Any required course correction will happen quickly to help ensure success.

Systems will be put in place for ongoing monitoring of the plan's implementation to make sure that success is sustained.

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